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State President's Project for 2014-2015
Take Care of Your Community & Stepping it up a notch

"President's Program - Stepping it up for ESA"

Care Connection Chairman, Sandie White is responsible for collecting the information on the President's project

President of the Kansas State Council, Bonnie Templeton, wants us to continue with the 2014 program and continue the good work we are doing in our communities, the state, and for the kids at St. Jude. According to our President, Bonnie, "But I would like you to take one project and "Step it Up" a bit. For example if you support your Food Pantry then step it up by having a food drive at a grocery store or athletic event. I know you can come up with some great ideas to help enrich the projects in your community."

The chapter is free to explore many options to "stepping it up". We encourage creative thinking and a "far out" imagination to come up with ways to help the members in your chapter. Get your thinkers' going and see how creative you can be:

  • The Chapter could develop a project that lasts all year and have it planned under a creative theme. For example: "101 ways to step it up" and plan something every month (or however often you like) for the chapter to do as a group.
  • The chapter could assist with financial support: Attend meetings, Earn money to pay for the entire chapter to attend Convention in April, or set up to help each member in some way financially.
  • The chapter doesn't have to spend money - it can just do nice things for each other every month.
  • One of the nicest ways to help you own out is to rush new members and spread the workload and build new friendships

The report form for what your chapter did this year on the President's Project needs to be turned in by April 15 to the Care Connection Chairman.

Click link to obtain the report form:    smile

Please feel free to :   

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Can you think of anyone that is more important to us than our OWN members?
Enjoy the year - Creating many ways to "Take Care of our own!"

Beautiful People   Beautiful People

"ESA - Stepping it up Program"


Let's make this a year to remember. Have fun doing the work, build lasting friendships and showing how much we really care for each other!

Beautiful People   Beautiful People

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