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State President's Project for 2014-2015
Take Care of Your Community & Stepping it up a notch

President's Program
Humane Society


President of the Kansas State Council, Angie Fairbanks, wants us to help support Humane Societies in our communities, the state, and nationally.

According to President Angie, "I am asking each of you to do something in your own community to help the four-legged furry friends that canít help themselves. As much as I would love for everyone in this room to go home and adopt a new fur-baby, I know that thatís just not possible for everyone. But I do challenge you to contact your local animal shelter or rescue facility and find out how you can help. I know that all of them are in need of donations. You can donate your time, either by volunteering at the shelter, or by fostering a pet at home. Or you can donate supplies, to help make life at the shelter a little better. Yes, they need food and treats and bedding, but some of them also need general office supplies, and LOTS of cleaning supplies. Or, if you donít want to go shopping yourself, Iím pretty sure that they will accept cash donations, or even gift cards. There are also programs where you can sponsor a pet to help cover any necessary medical expenses.

Sometimes, donations donít even have to cost you anything. Has anyone gotten their spring cleaning done? Well, if youíre like me, the answer is a big fat ďnoĒ. So while youíre cleaning out those closets, keep an eye out for some of those things that you might normally just toss. A frayed towel or a faded blanket could be just the ticket for the kitties and puppies that love to cuddle and snuggle up with them. The shelter in Topeka also accepts donations of aluminum cans, which is where all of mine go. Or, plan a special event to benefit your local shelter Ė a bake sale, a garage sale, or even a puppy style show. Just think outside of the normal litter box, and remember, in ESAÖ Anythingís Pawsible!"

The report form for what your chapter did this year on the President's Project needs to be turned in by April 15 to the Care Connection Chairman.

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